How to Prep Your Home For an EV

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It’s not usual for people to think about getting their home ready for a new vehicle, but when it comes to electric vehicles, a bit more effort is required to make sure you can keep moving in Middletown. Electric vehicles provide drivers with long term savings due to lower maintenance costs and eliminating the need for gasoline. They also reduce your carbon footprint. However, they require a bit of extra grunt work before bringing them home. 



While there are plenty of public electric vehicle charging stations popping up all around Hazlet, the main form of charging for most EV owners is an electric vehicle home charger. So, before buying your EV, you should make sure you take the time to prepare your home for an electric vehicle. Explore some tips on how to do just that with Tom's Ford. 

First Things First, Deciding On Your Charging Type

Level 1 and Level 2 electric vehicle home chargers are available for Red Bank drivers, while fast-chargers remain at public electric vehicle charging stations. When choosing between level 1 and level 2, you’ll need to consider how fast you want to charge up. Level 1 charging is a standard 120V outlet you find in most houses, and can take days to fully charge your new EV, but it’s great for topping off. Level 2 electric vehicle home chargers are typically 240V+ and can charge your vehicle in hours, perfect for using overnight or in between drives to get additional charge a bit faster. 

Next, Be Sure You Clean Out The Garage

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned or organized your garage, you’ll want to do that before you get your EV. You’ll need a space to charge your vehicle and making a spot in the garage is the perfect place. 

Accessing Your Power Panel & Assessing Consumption

Every home should have a power panel for moving electricity throughout the house. On it you’ll find the rating for the maximum amount of current flow. Typically a new home has a 100 Amp power panel, and on your main circuit breaker you should find that rating printed. After finding this, you’ll want to perform a self-assessment of how much electricity you are using prior to installing your home electric vehicle charging station. This helps you avoid overloading your panel. 

Hire an Electrician and Get the Charger Installed

Find a trusted electrician in the Red Bank area with whom you can discuss any potential issues with electricity consumption that may occur in your home. You can also have them install a 240-volt plug or hardwired circuit back to the power panel. This may cost a few hundred dollars, but could be more if you have an insufficient power panel. That’s why it’s good to prepare your home for an electric vehicle ahead of time. 

Once you’ve got this in order, you can go ahead and find the best EV charger for you and have it professionally installed in your designated charging area. 

Learn More with the Team at Tom's Ford!

Still have questions or concerns about getting your home ready for an electric vehicle? Feel free to contact us anytime. Meanwhile, browse our current selection of new Mustang Mach-E models!


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