The 2017 Ford Fusion: Not Just a Family-Friendly Sedan

From the exterior it’s easy to see that the 2017 Ford Fusion has something more to show for itself than your average sedan. The bold lines and colors easily pull in onlookers, but it also has some astounding performance features and handles awesome.

Handling That Stands Out

You may wonder what puts the 2017 Ford Fusion ahead of its competitors in performance and handling. Aside from notable safety features, the 2017 Fusion has the impressive powertrain and drivability.

    2017 Ford Fusion Driving

  • New Powertrain – The new Ford Fusion is versatile, with sports-tuned power outputs, and is still holds true as a daily driver. The new engine will be a 2.7L twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 with up to 325 hp to its name.
  • Sportier Handling – The combination of a six-speed automatic transmission and standard front-wheel drive create the base for the 2017 Ford Fusion. When paired with any available powertrains, this configuration really shines when it comes to handling on the road.
  • More Options – There are plenty of other optional and available features available to improve handling and performance for the already impressive base model of the 2017 Fusion: all-wheel drive for SE models and higher, 18-inch tires, and specially tuned shock absorbers for a comfortable and sporty ride that’s less prone to pothole damage.

The V6 Sport Fusion model has specific sports-tuned performance enhancers like sports-tuned suspension to make the handling that much better.

When put together, the combination of all its elements the 2017 Ford Fusion provides Keyport drivers with better responsive steering, agility, and stronger brakes. The result of having improved these areas is that drivers are able to have more fun when behind the wheel of the new Fusion and spend less time worrying about whether or not a midsize sedan is able to handle sporty driving.

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We’ve just scratched the surface of what the 2017 Ford Fusion has to offer drivers looking for a midsize sedan that has the versatility to attend to the needs of both families and sporty drivers alike. There’s plenty of other exterior, interior, comfort, and convenience features left for you to discover. Unlock the remaining secrets of the new Fusion’s potential today by visiting us at Tom’s Ford. We can be located at 200 Highway 35 in Keyport, NJ or contacted by phone at (732) 847-9541.