Express Yourself With the 2017 Ford Explorer

2017 Ford Explorer Trio

One of the most telling aspects of your vehicle is the color combinations you choose. Whether you decide to go with a more unusual pop of color or keep it reserved and sophisticated, the exterior and interior color combinations of your vehicle could say a lot about your personality even if you don’t realize it. Keep reading below to learn all about the 2017 Ford Explorer’s wide color selection and what the team at Tom’s Ford thinks each choice could say about a driver.

Bold Exterior Paint Jobs

The exterior color selection for the 2017 Explorer consists of a variation of more subdued tones. It’s clear that Ford wanted the Explorer to stay close to a palette of colors that inspired feelings of professionalism and sophistication. For the bold lines and sharp corners of the Explorer, these color options are a perfect match and allow the vehicle to really be admired for all that it is. Make a statement in Aberdeen with the following available colors:

2017 Ford Explorer BLack

  • White Platinum
  • Ingot Silver
  • Smoked Quartz
  • Blue Jeans
  • Magnetic
  • Canyon Ridge
  • White Gold
  • Ruby Red
  • Shadow Black

Sophisticated Interior Design

This overwhelming theme of sophistication and class continues into the interior of the vehicle. Drivers can choose to drape the three rows of seating in their vehicle with either Ebony Black or Medium Soft Ceramic colored Nirvana leather. The standard black carpeting works as a perfect pairing for either color selection. With so many exterior color options, finding an interior combination that pairs well with the exterior will be an exciting experience for buyers.

What Your Selections Say to the World

When driving down the streets of Hazlet, a vehicle’s color can say a lot about a person. By simply owning a 2017 Ford Explorer, other drivers will already see you as someone who loves a good balance between class and bold statements, but what about when paired with certain exterior colors? Some may argue that those driving brightly colored cars, like the Ruby Red Explorer, want to be seen and noticed for their ability to make a statement, while those who opt for colors like Ingot Silver or White Gold tend to keep more to themselves. Or maybe you’re just drawn to a certain color! The color you choose for your vehicle’s exterior can say a lot about you, or nothing at all – the choice is up to you.

Break Barriers and Be Bolder with the 2017 Ford Explorer’s Color Selection

Regardless of the color combinations you choose, we know that you’ve got to be one smart and savvy shopper to wind up at a Tom’s Ford dealership. Come visit our team at 200 Highway 35 in Keyport, NJ today to find a new vehicle that suits your personality. We’re just a short drive from Middletown, and we can be found online or by phone at (732) 847-9541.