Early Bird Leasing at Tom’s Ford

2016 Ford Fiesta Pair
Finding the vehicle of your dreams isn’t always easy, but financing at Tom’s Ford is; We strive for easy, stress-free car buying.

How We Do It

The program is quite simple, actually. At Tom’s Ford, we don’t require our interested leasees to provide a down payment on vehicles that they’re interested in.

Through  November 1, 2017, Tom’s Ford can break your Ford lease three months early, when you start a new lease with us. We will pay your three payments, just to get you in the deal you’ve been looking for. If you only have three payments left, think of the savings!

Our Program Requirements:

  • Returning customers must lease or purchase a new Ford vehicle. Final pay units are not eligible.
  • Customer must be scheduled to terminate their lease between October 3, 2017 – February 28, 2017.
  • Waives up to three (3) payments with a maximum of $1,800.
  • Customers must take delivery from dealer stock by November 1, 2017, AND lease or finance with Ford Credit.
  • New Contracts must be funded by November 3, 2017.
  • Eligible Terming models: Focus, Fusion, Escape, Edge, Explorer, and F-150.

Why Lease?

Car BuyingBasically, since the leasing company will eventually resume ownership of the vehicle, it’s not necessary to secure a down payment since you’ll only be paying to own a portion of the vehicle. So, since you’ll only be in temporary ownership of the vehicle, there’s no need to secure a large down payment to ensure that you’ll be able to pay off the car in full.

There are a few other perks that come with leasing a vehicle that may help push you towards leasing. Mainly, leasing a vehicle can save you money in the long run because you’ll only make monthly payments for the duration the vehicle is in your possession and not until you’ve paid full market price. This makes it easier to have a bit more control over how much you’re spending on a particular vehicle by choosing a leasing period that works for you. Another big perk of leasing vehicles is that upgrading to newer makes and models is easy. After your leasing period is over, you can simply trade up for another vehicle without having to worry about getting a good trade-in price for your current vehicle or other such things.

Buy a Car with No Down Payment Today at Tom’s Ford

To learn more about the leasing process or to get started on the path towards leasing a new vehicle with no money down then stop by Tom’s Ford at 200 Highway 35 in Keyport, NJ or call us at (732) 847-9541.

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