3 Reasons to Get Your Ford Oil Change at the Dealership

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You should always get your Ford oil change at your local Keyport, NJ service center. There are many benefits that come with getting work done at the Ford dealership, and they’re ones that any driver would enjoy.
3 Reasons to Get Your Ford Oil Change at the Dealership

1. You Get a More Thorough Service
There are lots of issues that can crop up unnoticed in your oil system. There may be a slow leak that you haven’t noticed, or perhaps your oil is repeatedly deteriorating earlier than it should. If you visit a dealer for your oil change, then the technician will notice these issues, even if you haven’t noticed them yourself.
It’s unlikely that a regular mechanic would notice the issue, as regular mechanics only do what they’re paid to do during each visit. Dealership technicians are always more thorough, as they have expertly trained eyes and lots of experience in your car model.
2. You Get Advice From Ford Experts
Regular mechanics don’t usually specialize, but dealership technicians are specialists and experts on the vehicles that the dealership sells. Experts are better able to answer your questions and concerns, as they won’t provide generalized advice. They’ll provide advice that’s perfect for you.
If you ask a Ford expert how often you should get an oil change, then they’ll be able to tell you what Ford’s manufacturers recommend. Then they’ll be able to tell you if there’s a more specific answer for your vehicle’s model, age, and your driving habits. General mechanics will only be able to say “you need an oil change at least twice per year”, and there’ll be no advice that’s tailored to your vehicle.
3. It’ll Be Done Faster
Oil changes don’t take long, but mechanics can make them take forever. You might be waiting a day or two for your oil change with a mechanic. Mechanics are overbooked most of the time, as they need lots of work to keep them afloat. Dealership technicians aren’t nearly as overworked, as dealerships can afford to pay their employees through multiple income streams. Dealership techs don’t have to rely on extremely high volumes of work to make ends meet.
If you book a time that works for you and us alike, then you’ll be able to get the work done on the day you come in. We’ll have your vehicle for a few hours at most, and then you’ll be driving home again. If you don’t live near the dealership, then we’ll be happy to recommend some pleasant spots in the area that you can spend time in while you wait for your vehicle.
Come and see us at Tom’s Ford, and we’ll take care of your oil change and all of your regular maintenance. We’re happy to help you with whatever you need. Ask our expert technicians for advice. Everyone here will be sure to provide the best service you’ve ever had.
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