Get An Oil Change At Tom's Ford Of Keyport, NJ NJ

Keeping your oil changed and fresh is essential to prolonging the life of your vehicles engine.  Here at Tom's Ford, our service department is the right choice for quick and inexpensive oil change service in NJ for your Ford, or any other brand vehicle you own. You don't have to purchase a car from Tom's in order to get it serviced here. Our team of Ford Certified Service Technicians will take care of your car with the professionalism and level of service that exceeds those quick change oil centers, in roughly the same amount of time.

Here at Tom's you can take advantage of our Works Package, which includes an oil change, tire rotation, multipoint inspection, and fluid top off.  The multipoint inspection is a visual inspection of the brake pads, tires, steering and suspension system, the exhaust system, all belts and hoses, lights, wipers, and the battery.  Many times our technicians can spot an impending problem before it causes a break down, such as a cracked belt, or a leaky radiator hose. Don't get stuck on the side of the road for a problem that could have been prevented!

You can rest assured that we will do a great job when changing your oil, and will leave our service department confident that your car has been serviced right.  You will recieve a copy of your multi-point inspection checklist, which will let you know which items on your car may be in need of attention soon, whether it be the brake pads or the tire tread depth, helping you anticipate further maintenance costs.  And as always, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate for any work you might need. 

To set up an oil change in NJ, or any other servicing of your vehicle, please contact our service department at (732) 264-1640, or you can schedule a service appointment through our website under the Parts & Service tab on any of our webpages.
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